Artist’s Statement

Following a long career as a photographer, teacher, artist and writer, I strive to emulate the vision of the “fly on the wall.” I have observed our world through the lenses of a plethora of camera formats and film technology into the digital age. My husband and I now travel via RV or explore the world globally via ANY means available to soak up humanity in all of its nuances. My work continues as I offer my photography through this online storehouse, thus creating a visual memoir.

The work in the accompanying galleries reflects my pursuit of life as it happens not as might be constructed or invented before the camera. Happenstance and coincidence, peripheral vision, sights, sound and mood, the filling of space, catching people interacting with their environment consciously or subconsciously are among the elements that play roles in my work.  The images traverse the traditional themes of people, places and things.

I have exhibited extensively, produced and published books of my work, worked professionally and made a difference in many student’s lives. My wish is to continue recording life as it happens and to share those experiences. Welcome to my website.  

(Note; Gallery Slideshows may be a bit slow to load).

Ann Carol Goldberg