Just South of the strip

Greetings from Boulder City, NV which turns out to be a desirable place to stay while Paul flies home to Rochester for a few days. Las Vegas looms large just to the North. I thought its proximity would spoil everything within 100 miles of the Gambling strip. I was proven wrong.

Boulder City has much to offer: from the historic downtown and the Boulder Dam Hotel, to Lake Mead, (still popular even though the water level is almost at a record low—drought and heavy demand) and an abundance of great choices for extensive hiking, biking and kayaking. Oh yes, and there are casinos, golf, dining and spas in town. Let’s not forget the delightful weather (at least in early spring before the 100F+ degrees begin. Besides all of these reasons, the folks here are super-friendly and anxious to tell a strange about their chosen place to live—most folks seem to be imports. Here are photos of a popular watering hole and a quilting shop called Tumbleweed that would be a Mecca for my quilting friends.
To fill my time while Paul was traveling, I chose to hike the railroad tunnel trail alongside Lake Mead. The railroad tunnels are a remnant of the dam construction in the 1930’s now sans the tracks. The sky was deep blue and the temperature 78F. My arrival time driving to the trailhead was delayed by the traffic jam waiting to cross the dam. I finally arrived via the start of a left turning lane leading into the park. I drove past at least 4-dozen cars waiting in line at the sign reading “Hoover dam—8 miles.”
Now on the trail, I thoroughly enjoyed the 4 1/2-mile hike to the dam. I am certain I reached the dam, walked part-way across and back and hiked the 4 1/2 miles to return to my car before these folks in their vehicles could park and visit the dam themselves. I am back on the rig, resting my tired legs and happy to have seen the Hoover Dam up close and personal.