Hillary, The Time Is Now!

He said it:  BIll Keller writing an Op Ed in the New York Times, reiterated my long thought out and heartfelt dream that Hillary Clinton fill the VP slot for Barak Obama’s re-election replacing VP Biden.  We need you now Hillary. Your pizzazz, your popularity, your wisdom, your influence, your femininity and your experience, your warmth and your guidance.
There is no better time than now for a Barak Obama/Hillary Clinton slate, She is regarded world wide  as a diplomat, an intellect, savvy and  world wise. She has proven her prowess in all of these directions.  President Obama needs 4 more years to rise above the Republican morass that has set obstacles blocking every step toward building new directions in  health care reform, economic recovery, environmental issues,  and repairing the path to bipartisanship and high hopes for a better life in our country and abroad.
A Obama/Clinton slate would put the world on notice, on alert; the needed punch to raise the level of hope and awareness above the noise from the opponent’s side of the pre-political convention- circus.  I won’t belabor or reiterate Bill Heller’s fine words and knowledgeable insight. I will dwell on the reality that this ticket will bring to the election campaign. It will be electric instead of dull, vibrant instead of flat. Imagine 4 years of excitement and growth with Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton in charge or our nation, gaining attention and applause from the rest of the world.
Fantasy? perhaps.  Reality? yes, it could so easily be realized.  To win in November, the Democratic slate needs an eye-catcher, new life, pizzazz and hope. Please, President Obama, give us the shot in the arm this country needs to shine. Put Hillary in the navigator seat. Give VP Biden a Diplomatic role. Give Michelle a hug and kiss and an appreciation for all that she has fostered and allow two fabulous woman in your political life. Give our country hope to overcome the infighting and doldrums on the other side of this coming election.  Give us all a victory in November.

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  1. I agree…it's an exciting thought. But I had trouble getting through the article because I kept drifting back to to Keller's killer blue eyes. Oh right…we're supposed to be talking about politics. Yes, go Hilary…ummm….great blue eyes.

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