Fifty Years of Joy!

I haven’t written a Message in a Minute in several months–too busy gathering adventures and images, but I have to much to share with you.  Today on my mind the joy of reaching 50 years of bliss married to a great guy. June 21st, 1964, a hot, summer day. We are still so much in love, best of friends and gathering so many adventures, trying to cram everything we have dreamed about into our lives.

I find joy in sharing my thoughts with friends and getting your feedback on your life adventures, ups, downs and the wonders of daily living. My hopes are that human kind will work harder to save the environment for future generations and to lessen the hatred and hopelessness we have seen spread as we travel the world and work together to reach goals that should not be unattainable.

More posts to come. Thanks for being such good friends and acquaintances and a good life to all.

Ann Carol Goldberg

1 thought on “Fifty Years of Joy!

  1. Mazel Tov to you both on reaching your milestone. What a great weeding picture. Continue to have great adventures. Thanks for shaing with us.

    Barbara and David

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