Coon Dog Cemetary

Tasks on this day; Seeking a little humor and distraction on this day after the election debacle. Seeking sights to see while we wait for service on our motor coach in Red Bay, Al;  trying to see it all as we travel down new roads.

After lunch at Swamp Johns, mentioned in the former blog, we set off toward the Coon Dog Cemetery a few miles down the road we are on. This is certainly a remote part of Alabama and is listed as a must see, worth the drive.  The site is unique, peaceful and quiet and there are no crowds. Paul and I were alone.

The Coon dog is highly regarded in this part of the US and the love of these pets certainly shines in this Cemetery. The first grave was dug in 1937 and took off from there. It is a field of graves, all adorned with plastic flowers, American flags, dog collars, photos, loving comments and a great variety of headstones dating from ’37 to the present. We were joined by a mom and daughter from Birmingham, Al trying to see as many highlights of the area as possible in two days. We talked, suggested places to visit and pranced together among the graves exclaiming over the dogs names, ages at death (up to 18 years old) and delighted with our visit to yet another unique site.

Enough gab, photos tell it best.