Retrospectives and new web site

My web site is now updated to reflect my needs at this point in my life. I have spent the last few months going backwards to form a retrospective from my photo archives, selecting work which will become my legacy. The galleries now on the web site are only the beginning.  I plan to update and add more items, a constant work in progress.

Memoir has become a current addiction for me as well as for so many people. My memoir is visual and written, two forms that I adore. I intend to become more active in posting blogs, just because it is fun to share with all of you.  In earlier years, I never would have predicted that my stories would come from computer data bases and blogging instead of the more traditional diary entry or journaling.

In doing the research, I have re-visited some favorite themes that I have not shared before but will make the subjects of my planned blogs. This includes several data bases that I have kept both BC and AC (before and after the advent of computers) thereby pinpointing my age and my obsessive personality.  For instance, I have 5 or 6 small sized yellow pads filled (one side only) with dates and menus for all types of events since we moved into our Sandringham house in 1972 till the present. At least I admit this history keeping and it does include some good memories.
Among the earliest, is the open house we gave just prior to the renovation of the house (held the Saturday before the 1972 November election night (Tuesday). The problem is the contractor had other ideas. He was scheduled to begin late that week, but the day before the party, his truck arrived filled with dry wall and other big items. So, instead of traditional height tables for the buffet, we had a pile of dry wall about 4 feet high, and wider and longer than the average table. Everyone had to reach a bit for the food, but people were great sports and the party a grand success. I am not so sure about the election. 
My hand written data base includes a record of the many post concert receptions we held for the RPO (Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra).  My parents were alive and well and dad, a long time violist with the orchestra was able to attend many of these receptions. We entertained Dennis Brain and Barry Tuckwell (french horn) and many other outstanding conductors, soloists and orchestral members. Yo Yo Ma stands out of course.  Reportedly, to this day, he is an avid cook and accompanied me in the kitchen as I prepared dinner for the musicians. The accompaniment was not on the cello or piano, but in the whisks and wooden spoons he used to stir and mix to my delight, while talking up a storm. Our sons remember many of these occasions as well. 
The events are not easily forgotten and it is all recorded in ink on the yellow pads. Every dinner party, holiday celebration, reception and committee gathering involving food to the present time are kept for my return visit to nostalgia, set in ink, perhaps with my favorite snorkel style fountain pen. In the early 80’s, I began to keep computer generated data bases on my early Macs including books I have read, movies I have seen, countries to which we have traveled, photography books in my collection, mailing lists, restaurant lists, Musical CDs and DVD’s that we own and State capitols we have visited (we are still missing a few). 
All of this and I thank you if you have read this far, serves as a background to invite you to visit my renewed web site at and to follow the link to my blogs as I post and inform readers. They are still written as messages in a minute and are meant to entertain but not overwhelm your busy lives.  Be well.
Ann Carol Goldberg
Currently camping in Grand Isle State Park, LA