Monday’s Blog, on a Thursday: NZealand adventures

What a journey. The RV’s are small, but fun and adventursome, most especially on the challenging mountain roads with narrow lanes and few straight aways. (driving on the left). The mountains rise high and beautiful. Every other word we utter is WOW.  And wow hardly says it all.

Time to blog is minimal. Our days are FILLED with adventure, surprise, and overdoses of eye candy sugar feeding our spirits into high gear. The forests are bright green with moss covered blankets coating everything that grows. It is indeed Tolkienien a classic. Our Wednesday was topped off with an exhilarating flight to the Franz Joseph and Fox glaciers. Walking on snow and ice; a wonderland and it was not freezing cold. The sun blazed, no wind blew. The clouds opened up long enough for our 40 minute flight.

Time to pack up for our day’s discoveries. Hugs to all of you.