Monday’s Blog; How Many Keys?

Surely, we are allowed our day dreams to come true. It happens! Going on the road, selling the house and dispersing our belongings also meant, I will have no acoustic piano in my life any more. I always had a piano to run to and play, to practice, give student recitals in my young years and to just while time away or for solace in times of stress. I tried for so long to compensate by trying the guitar, Mandolin, and Ukulele. Alas, the arthritic fingers got in the way as did that illusive creature–enough time in the day. My son Dan has the string player talent, not me. My musician dad was thrilled that I stuck with piano and voice well into adulthood. 

But I missed a keyboard to play and expressed my desire (just a small 61 key board would fill the bill I said) to a great musician, friend and neighbor in our beautiful RV park in Southern Cal. Because of his efforts and insistence, 

I now own a large Yamaha keyboard (professional and beyond my talents), but what fun to play. 
Yes that is me with earphones to protect the innocent!

It’s home is in the shed on our site. It will stay here, too big to cart in the RV. But, we are spending so much more time in California (who would have guessed that a few years ago.) 
So hello from our sunny state, and happy tunes and trails to all of you.
Ann Carol