Monday’s blog, off and away

Rallys (RV) are always incredibly busy, fully packed and end too fast. We took off for the Escapade (Escapees RV Membership Club event) in Pima County Fairgrounds near Tuscon then set up a day and 1/2 before the official event began..and then it was over; we had “hit the ground running” and never stopped. Then whoosh it was over and we were on the road again. 

We attended many informative seminars about computers, mapping software with Geeks on tour, RV related topics, a fun travel session covering weird, the un ordinary and over the top places to visit. We did visit one right near our desert campsite called Spiral Labyrinth, a huge, perfect stone and sand spiral done by a California artist. 

a Koh-Kapeli Figure

Not a small earthwork 

The Spiral Labyrinth

We volunteered, staffed the Jojoba Hills RV SKP park booth (proudly wearing our vests made by Nancy and two other industrious and talented sewers), line danced, shopped, met “old” friends and met new people too many wonderful people to count. We celebrated constantly with the joy of life and community, but top notch was the 90th birthday party of the founder Kay Peterson. We all miss her Joe, husband and partner in this creative RV club. She laughed and smiled and hugged all of the well wishers and took a basket full of birthday cards home to open at leisure. 
Their children have taken over and run the popular RV group with ease, love and open minds to changing times. 

Joe and Kay in 2010

Younger families, some young enough to travel with their children are a large segment of the club these days, bringing their youth, ideas and smiles to all of us older members. What is also as striking about this RV community is the caring, eagerness and joy of volunteering or just lending a hand at every chance there is. A Volunteer sign up booth for help during the Escapade always has a long line. The slots are filled easily with a “waiting list” is case subs are needed. Paul and I signed up to drive the golf cart shuttles for an evening event. We showed up at the appointed hour, but, alas, there were not enough carts to go to all on the list. 

Never fear, we helped in many other ways, unofficially and impromptu but fulfilled our sense of caring and help that way.  The same spirit is ever present among the members of our campground, Jojoba Hills RV SKP park in Southern California nestled under the Palomar Mountains. How glorious is the sense that in these times of strife and violence, good people reign. It should only last forever.