Monday’s Blog; no one here

Yes, we are back on the road for the next 6 months. Our new life in California on site 801 at the Escapees Co-op (a jewel among jewels) Jojoba Hills RV Park Resort in Aguanga, CA nestled in the Palomar mountains of SoCal was glorious. Indeed, we have learned to stay put for weeks at a time countering our first decade and a half of RVing and rolling the wheels every 2-4 days at a time. Today we departed for points east, north and beyond. We stayed true in our intentions to boondock our first night on the BLM land in Quartzsite, AZ. 

It is a favorite long term winter location for tons of RV’s during the winter months. It is all about gem markets, flea markets, RV dealers, sellers of everything and anything for travel vehicles and anything else you can conjure up in your mind. The crowds begin to thin out in late January and finding a suitable boondocking site becomes a no brainer. 

Our overnight stop was rewarded with a warming planet, temperatures at 107F and upward, dust, some blowing sand, no traffic, and empty land on which to perch for the night, run our generator (therefore, running AC) and the real reward, a glorious sunset, moonshine 

Glorious glow

Ahh, sunset


No one there

Empty space

and no disturbing noise except our singing generator and the screeching and famous sounds of Coyotes somewhere in the distance. Tonight, we are connected to the world electronically but are awaiting the temperature to drop to at least 95F before we venture outside to walk and take in the quiet, peaceful atmosphere surrounding us and relax before taking to the road once again in the morning toward Phoenix and our 4th or 5th visit to the Musical Instrument Museum. We will attend a concert featuring Anat Cohen, Jazz Saxophonist and a favorite of ours through the years. Then head toward Flagstaff, AZ for our first grandson’s graduation. How proud we are of this bright, intelligent and unique young man and how lucky we are to lead the lives we lead. These are lots of words but I really wanted to share some quick snapshots of tonight’s stay.  Please scroll downward if you wish to read some newer blog posts that I haven’t pointed to in email or on Facebook and there will be more to come.