Monday’s Blog; “thank you for having me…”

Join me in considering episodes in our daily lives; I call it “automatic” speech; happening especially upon greeting people in person, on the phone, anywhere; questions and answers that universally are spoken in any language I dare say, and pop out instinctively. 

“How are you?, How goes it? What’s New? How’ve you been? It’s been a long time, The weather is…” or often ending conversations with, “see ya,” say hi to so and so, let’s get together sometime” How often do you actually end up getting together sometime.—We all do it. How startling and even refreshing it is when someone responds otherwise to these “automatic” questions. Upon inquiring about their health, they may say I am doing great, I am wonderful or they may offer long answers to share health problems or concerns or “I’m not so good,” or someone is ill or comment on current politics or a recent event or offer, “Yes, last time I saw you was an art opening or concert or on the 5th Ave in New York City or a restaurant in Venice” and they embellish this retort with some details.

This is not new information just something to reflect upon here as it happens daily. Serious conversation can and often does follow, but small talk is comforting and gives the conversants time to evaluate the situation and person(s) you have met, following up with a more lengthy discussion or parting ways. 

My daily life includes listening to many news stories, where experts in a field are invited to appear during a podcast or broadcast.

For years I have focused on their closing statement when offered a thank you for coming on the show.  Again, I find the answers, that must be short and spur of the moment, also fall within my category of “automatic” speech as in; “thanks for having me, my pleasure or the pleasure is all mine, I enjoyed being here, glad to be here, I will come back anytime, it was fun, I always enjoy your show, I hope it helped,” to give a few examples. I believe that in this context it means they are truly honored or flattered, that their ego has been boosted and they feel good. I find myself even anticipating how certain personalities may respond and I cheer when they are original and fresh. 

Just to let you know, there are times when the answer is just a quick “Thank you. Oh yes, thank you for reading this short post. I hope it gave you a bit of diversion from daily chores. 


Change is a given in our lives. Not a revelation to any of us, but on my mind at the moment.  Changes are also a constant, more so in this fast moving world. 

Change and transition can be troublesome, raising blood pressure, keeping us up nights and preclude big decisions to face or change can simply come easily with immediate action. 

After nearly a decade of blogging with one carrier, I finally have placed my blog “Message in a Minute” on to the same carrier as my Website. If you look to the right there is the menu to my web site galleries and links to the blog archives. The old blog spot will be open for a while as well.  

For sure this minor change has not cost me any sleep loss nor raised my blood pressure at all, it has just been a long long process to make it happen.  I need to practice what I preach and do more of what I love to do, photograph, write, hike, breath in nature, sing, dance, socialize…and share thoughts with you, my wonderful family, friends and readers.


The transition I have made is a small step but the topic felt appropriate to open my new blog location sharing these thoughts and the hope you will enjoy my future blogs. They can be alas irregular, but still entitled Monday’s Blog (I was born on a Monday) Messages in a Minute and fulfilling my promise in this age of TMI to keep them short. My good intentions are to return to my once a week blog messages and keep it up for a long time.

Thanks for reading, responding and sharing your thoughts on my ideas giving me so much more to add to my ideas, list of drafts and work through them and posting in due time. Now on to a more challenging list of transitions and just living life to the fullest.

Ann Carol