Travelin’ Blog: Brrrrrrrr

  • Yes, our RV tour promised New Zealand and Australia. The rigs become ours tomorrow. Today we found snow, survived blizzards, wind storms, joustled about on a Haggland rough terrain vehicle ride and viewed blue penguins. But no worry, We visited the International Antarctica center a door step away from actually going there. What a trip;
  • Christchurch suffered an epic earthquake 5 years ago, centered in the heart of the city. Recovery is slow but lead by determined souls. Our tour bus passed by many damaged areas shored up by braces of all types, supported by walls of container cars and any means of tape, glue, and wishfull thinking. We passed town hall, the devastated late 1800’s cathedral, awaiting its fate to restore or replace, the old police station, casino, homes & more.
  •  It was free time to tour and find lunch. We chose to see the “Restart” mall. Each shop occupies container cars cleverly turned into luxury and luxurious shops and restaurants, enjoyed lunch at a coffee roaster then walked to the bus terminal to continued back to the Commodore hotel. Just for fun, we each bought a pair of Merino wool and Possum fingerless gloves: so soft and welcoming that you just want to hug them close. They serve as perfect souveniursas warm as the people we meet here.of New Zealand as warm and welcoming as the people we meet in this lovely land. 

Mondays blog actually on Monday

A message of hello on Monday from Christchurch, New Zealand. Two days of recovery as we await the start of our RV touring adenture. So far the locals we have met, have been warm and friendly as expected, sad for our sorry state in the political realm, but glad to have us tour their beautiful shores. We even viewed a bit of a rugby game–a tough game in my book.

We have swum in the pool, soaked in  the hot tub, I exercised in the gym and found veggie choices in the restaurants. Onward to our rvs, left side driving and looking foreward to our long  awaited adventures. More soon if we stay connected. Ann Carol

Monday’s Blog; Heads up, Irregular Postings

My Dear Readers;
I have missed two blog postings and have been inundated with inquiries. Thank you for your queries and your concern. I thought a “Heads up” would be in order to the effect that my Monday’s Blog will be quite irregular for many weeks. We are disembarking from our rig and embarking on a long flight overseas to New Zealand and Australia, then R and R in Hawaii. It is that Bucket list thing and a long awaited journey.

How lucky we are. I will try to post some messages during our travels, but we will be busy learning–hopefully successfully to drive our rented RV’s on the left side of the road when appropriate and to fully enjoy all of the aspects and nuances the places we visit. Of course, the return home is always done with the desire to return again. I also appreciate the many suggestions you have sent saying “not to miss…” while on the journey.

Be well all of you, enjoy spring and summer and we will somehow keep in touch.
Hugs all around,
Ann Carol