Monday’s Blog; Optimist in me

Klu Klux Klan. Silly me, I truly thought that this terror group was defunct, only to be replaced by other equally terrifying groups. Recent events in Anaheim, CA instantly caught my attention. Are we back in the 30’s 40’s 50’s? Such shameful killing, suffering and to what purpose?  This is the latest in the long list of dysfunction in our society and disruption in moving to a more settled country let along the world.

Trump. I am so reluctant to even acknowledging his acceptance in our country. A folk hero perhaps, an unlikely presidential personality  in my mind, to try to run our great country. We should be engaging in what it takes to reach new heights of greatness, getting us back on track as leaders in this world. Trump Tromps on everyone and people smile and embrace him? They even believe he misheard the question about David Duke.  I don’t buy it. The media facilitates the enlargement of his image. The European media calls him a joker, a Donald Duck (Spain), a smiling demagogue, (France) The stuff of Fantasy (Germany), the USA, a country in a Momentary lapse of reason, (Helsinki).

Yes, the Republicans, the Democrats have their troubles too. I have a minute long deadline and everyone knows the stories, so why rant on about the familiar?
Perhaps a moment for a COCKEYED smile and a bit of lightness.

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The Oscars; I frankly have not watched for years. I can pick up the list of winners on the news. I am so dubious about the word winning. what does it mean in so many contexts–winning a debate, winning a lottery, winning at the game table, winning–an often misapplied bit of terminology. Firstly, in the face of so many wonderful, over the top films, how can just one shine in all of the categories covered?

Mostly I have been long distraught over the sparse or complete lack this year of diversity in the Oscar hullabaloo. An then a black master of ceremonies, a slap in the face?? He was brave and entertaining I imagine.

The debates, not one mention during last weeks Republican events of those slaughtered in Kalamazoo, Mich. a few days before the debate or the 3 shot in Hesston, Ka during the debate, nor broaching policy statements about gun control. My ire is on fire.

The migrants and their suffering around the world. Climate control denial and lack of quick environmental action, I am done listing. We all have our worries, concerns, hopes and prayers and insights into the world as it changes course. I just had to express my mind and try to calm down and enjoy people around me, the day and my fortunate and adventuresome life style.  I just hope there is a Deus Ex Machina coming our way to get this society back on track.

“The man who never alters his opinion is like standing water, and breeds reptiles of the mind.”
― William Blake

Monday’s Blog, Loving support

There was no Monday’s Blog posting last week. After the loss of my dear brother Arthur, I was not yet able to share but am so grateful for all or your wonderful messages of support. I thank you all for those messages of support and solace not to forget the hugs. There is such comfort in knowing that people care and can express that care freely and with such love and that we can reciprocate in kind and make a difference in people’s lives. 

Our friends and family members are a great source of love and support when facing difficult times. It isn’t news that an endless number of established support systems and help groups exist, covering every phase of life. Many people choose to become part of a group, meetings that provide a steady and comfortable atmosphere to share and mend our inner souls.  I do not wish to “preach to the choir,”  Everyone of us has been buoyed up by friends and family member’s kind and loving words. Everyone of us has returned in kind, solace and support to our friends and family. 

Here are two responses from people extolling the love and caring received from their experience;

I (Jerry) have lived with depression from around 7 or 8 years old — but I wasn’t diagnosed until I was in my twenties. As a child, I coped the best I could, functioning somewhat underneath it. I tried many anti depressant medications for years and none worked for me.”

Finally, in my forties and married with children, I was still depressed. My wife insisted I seek professional help. The first urge was to resist help and live with it. Finally, I gave in to keep peace and placate my family. The doctor suggested a different medication and this time it helped a lot. I decided to try and I became active in a support group, a tremendous help to me. The sharing, the hugs, the love, the caring and knowing I was not alone, made such a difference in my life and that of my family members. How lucky I have been to have such caring support.”

A Poem

It is not the matter of waiting
for the pain of grief to wane
it is allowing for the possibility
can and do


I have benefited greatly from the impromptu care and support among friends and family such as in my recent experiences as well as group support as the years have passed. What wonder to be able to receive such messages of love and support and to return them in kind as others need our help. It is a central core of Humanity.

Next week, hopefully onto other topics and hopefully some humor.
Thanks everyone

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.” ~Mother Teresa

Monday’s Blog, My Heavy Heart

I am sad today. My beloved brother Arthur passed away after a prolonged illness wrapped in the arms of his family, his beautiful wife Natalie, son Moshe and his loving wife Joyce and daughter Erica and the beloved grandchildren. If only every one on earth could be so lucky and so well loved as my brother Arthur.

He was an “older” brother by 13 years and my only sibling. Such fond memories I have stashed in my mind. I have written of him before and so enjoyed feedback from you, my many readers, of your siblings and family and your fond memories. Life is rich. We cherish each minute on this lovely earth. 
Until next week’s blog, be well all,
Ann Carol 

Monday’s Blog; Sadness On My Mind

The ups and downs of life happen so fast. Sometimes they overwhelm us and form a constant stream of presence in our thoughts. That is happening for me at this time. I have trouble concentrating on other things. My beloved brother Arthur is unexpectedly very ill at 86. Arthur and his lovely wife Natalie recently moved to the north from Florida to be in the care of their son and family. Their loving daughter Erica had been near them in Florida. Moving to the colder climate was difficult but necessary and they were welcomed in the Northeast with warm and loving arms. 

Counter to our expectations shortly after the move, Arthur became very ill and has undergone surgery.  The hoped for good recovery may not be in the cards. My heart is heavy and we have received such caring responses from our greater family and friends. I know I am not at all alone in having a heavy heart, but I could not write about any other subject this week and have to share some thoughts. No one is exempt from this type of situation. You all have your own heart aches and losses to share. We can comfort each other just by expressing similar feelings. People look in so many places for solace or even answers, among those places are poetry, music, favorite quotes, religious support, folk lore, family and friends and our own memories. I look in all of these places as well but strong memories seem to fill most of my quest. 

Arthur is my only sibling and several years older than I am.  In my childhood, he was not around much, going off to school, the army, marriage and living in New England with a year in Italy and the birth of their son and in back in the States of their daughter. 

Humorous episodes pop into my mind, the brown rectangular case held together with a strap that he brought home on holiday visits from college filled with dirty laundry. My mother cheerfully did his laundry (in an old style washer with wringer), hanging the wet clothes in the sun and lovingly folding them back into the brown case. His jazz quartet (he played the bass fiddle and banjo) rehearsed in our “parlor” next to the piano.  I watched the rehearsals often, believing my 6 of 7 year self to be hiding out of sight from the top step of our staircase, peering through the railing slats. 

Arthur served as 2nd Lieutenant in the US Army and was stationed stateside in White Sands, NM and then in Japan. I have since visited both places and quizzed him about his memories lf those places before my visits.  Arthur and Natalie’s wedding ceremony and much to my joy, being asked to sing a solo during the ceremony.  I will not go on and on, I have written about some of these memories in the past. 

As we await the next steps in New Jersey, still full of hope, I am sitting in my motor home in the lovely Palomar Mountains of southern California in a heavy day-long rainstorm rocking to the high winds. The rain is so welcome in this parched area, a source of hope and joy for the locals and a turnaround as well in the level of expectations for the hoped for drought relief.  I take it as a sign that life goes on in unexpected ways and I leave you with perhaps some time think of your loved ones, and your quest for support. Not a new message, nothing exceptional, but I would love you to share your special memories.  I turn to poetry, and music and the like, but for me, it is always the warm hearts of people that add so much during difficult times.