Spanish Lesson Ala Texas State Parks

I haven’t been blogging and I miss doing so. Our 11-person family trip to Israel filled my head with too many ideas, thoughts and I haven’t fully processed them as yet. It was a wondrous trip. Now, Paul and I are continuing our trek cross country via our RV and now sit in the “bottom” of  Texas, in one of our favorite places; Falcon State Park. On the map it sits close to the banks of the Rio Grande just west of Roma.

 It has been warm and sunny for a change, and the park staff and volunteers offer a full load of daily activities. Today, I bravely attended a Spanish lesson, that has been ongoing for weeks. I went, I learned and I actually used my very rusty Spanish, even surpassing the abilities of the long-time students and completely surprising myself. I did need some help of course but felt good. The lesson began with a song session; we practised the pronunciation of the words and then a 5 person group of staff members with 2 guitars helped us sing the melody. What fun. I am sharing an image of the these generous folks, donating their time to help us, joyfully and with enthusiasm.  What fun it was. 
We planned to leave tomorrow, but after such a warm welcome (our 7th stay in this park) got the yen to sign up another week.  It’s always a challenge for us to stay put more than a week or two.  Paul heartily agreed and we are ready for more activities, A music jam (I will sit in the back quietly and strumb my Uke, study more Spanish, attend lectures, and films including Viva Zapata–made in 1951 and covering the rich history of Roma and this area, while socializing with many wonderful folks. Con mucho gusto.