virtual surrealism, scattered thoughts

Picture me sitting in my RV, working on my new website after being tutored by my son Dan, the expert computer geek. I am attempting to apply what I have learned, have been working for hours and now I find myself staring out the window, my eyes a bit glazed and tired. I see golden sunlight glinting off the rows of neighboring motor homes nestled in their campsites. My mind wanders, my mood is verging on the surreal, the affects of striving to go with the flow, changing my routine from expectations to getting to the correct bay when expected. Work has progressed and now a weekend will give us all rest and reprieve. 
It is quiet now, not much movement after a rain and wind storm that has suddenly changed to blue sky and the dawning of sunset. This has been a strange week of waiting for calls to the repair bays coming on the spur of the moment at any time of day. It is a scramble to button up the RV securely enough to go a short distance without items flying as we go. Yes, life is like that, but somehow I have a different mind set in this campground setting. Perhaps because we have made many quick decisions, seen so many hard working folks tend to their work without a flinch or hesitation, knowing how to tackle a problem with finesse and then sending us our way back to site 65. 
The wind has picked up again. No one is outside doing their usual tending to their rig, walking a dog (or cat), visiting with neighbors. hustling to the factory office or parts store to complete the list of wants and needs. They are most likely tucked into their warm rigs, perhaps sipping beer, wine or other beverages, preparing dinner, watching the news, awaiting the coming election, discussing goals and other matters, speaking on the phone or dozing off on the comfy sofa. My mood is perhaps distorted by the aura I see out the window, the review of this strange week with at least one more like it to come and my quest to get back into blogging (hopefully a bit more coherently in the future.) but satisfied and looking forward to the week to come. 
No trick and treaters have banged on our door, I is time to get get my head back on track, to get dinner together and catch up with the news, Shabbat and take stock of what is to come.
Ann Carol Goldberg