Many Miles ahead

On the eve of an extended travel adventure, my excitement is tempered by many thoughts. I will miss the many personal and electronically enabled bits of communication with all of you dear family members and friends. We have been anticipating this journey for several months and it now is actually going to happen; we hope according to the plan.  From our first stop in Kiev, across the lands that form Russia, to China, Tibet, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and more. What a dream trip. What unexpected encounters we face with people of all walks of life, both natives of the areas we visit and those traveling as we are, to learn, discover and be amazed at this great big world we inhabit.

The political temperature in our home land is soaring and we hope for some good resolution as we soar across thousands of miles, 12 time zones, hearing many languages and traveling via airplane, bus, boat and balloon. Upon our return, we hope that our beloved USA is in good stead, that we can keep the amazing places we have visited clear and straight and have the chance to share our adventures with all of you that are interested.

We wish you all good health, a beautiful fall and holiday season and many adventures ahead.

Warmed in Heaven

Journal item; 4 surgeries, 1 month

Procedure #1; Westfall Surgical Center, Dateline; July 23rd, 2013 surgery to remove mucus cyst on index finger-left hand. Grandson Tal,10, flying into Rochester from summer camp in Wisconsin by himself and the help of Delta's air escort service.

Storyline, while under local anesthesia, my purse “rang out” across the room--my cell phone. To my shock, the nurse handed me the purse and said go ahead, answer it. I spoke to Tal and then his escort updating his arrival time 5 hours late from Detroit, after a rainy delay.

Later I queried the surgeon about the nurse's action. He said no problem but was glad I am not Italian (hand talk). I responded, I am not Italian but still talk with my hands--NO WAY was I going to gesture with that left hand undergoing the knife.

Still having the surgeon's ear, I complained that last year the thumb joint was reamed and I had a “noticeable”
, large purple bandage (being offered a color choice). This time the bandage was once again large but boring beige, with no choice offered. What gives?

Trouble! Dateline; August 1st, Storyline, I fell while “fiddling” with shopping bags and such, not watching foot placement. Urgent care than an evening in emergency, a Ct scan and big ice packs. Diagnosis, Zygoma and orbital wall fractures. Not good, painful, black and blue. Appointment in a week with a facial reconstruction surgeon at Strong.

Procedure #2; Brighton Surgical Center, Dateline; Aug 8th.  Storyline. first cataract procedure, right side as scheduled, given the go by the Doctor, much to my amazement. The AC was blowing furiously and lo and behold, blankets appeared—warm and heaven sent. I was covered with 3 and stopped shivering.

Surgery went well, I slept through and then heard the words, “wake up you are done.” Wow, I can now read with my right eye—monocular vision is my chosen plan and I was warm and comfortable for the duration of the stay in recovery.

Procedure #3; Strong Surgical Center, Dateline; Aug 15th;  Storyline; Procedure involving facial reconstruction and more TLC, with blessed warm blankets. I am getting very spoiled. Surgery lasted about 110 minutes, half of the estimated time, the surgeon finding less damage than at first suspected. I stayed overnight, foggy, in pain, but warm by, yes, warm blankets and lots of caring staff. Home the next day. Taking care to follow directions for a successful recovery.

Procedure #4; Brighton Surgical Center once again. Dateline; August 27th, Storyline; left eye  cataract replacement postponed only one week. How amazing in light of my recent facial surgery. Again, warmed by those blankets and a caring staff. Surgery went well, I was aware this time of work being performed on the eye. The surgeon remarked that often that is the case for the second eye.

Update; Now into the month of September, a month of new beginnings. My index finger and two cataracts are healing well, my face is no longer a colorful mask and I can now pay attention to those whom I have had to “ignore” but thought of so often. I wish everyone Jewish a wonderful and healthy new year, a good fall season to all and the ability to savor every moment of the day, seek the beauty of this world and witness healing among nations.

Ann Carol Goldberg