On the Road Home

Life on the road 2012-13 was fulfilling, with daily, over the top activities, a family reunion in Texas “circling” up our RV and our sons’ rentals around the campsites, all kinds of quirky weather, more wonderful people time, discovery time, art and music, hiking and such but no time for blogging or artwork. I am not complaining, just lamenting that I haven’t shared a blog in months. So here is another message in a minute–a re-start.

Our new rig is lovely and I have accustomed myself to the overkill of 4 TVs, a washer and dryer, automated awnings and things that most people don’t even know exist. Our rig is built by Tiffin and called a Phaeton, an update from the original type of transportation so named, but life is good and our wheeled home serves us well going over the road or hooked into some sort of campsite.

Paul’s blog covered our return to Rochester in detail for those of you that receive his blogs. We are now perched in our 4th floor apartment hovering over downtown Rochester and the view of the Genesee River. Missing life on the road is real, but actually staying in one place for 2-3 months is enjoyable. However, after a lifetime living in this city, I feel as if I am still on the road in a new location. Finding my route to familiar destinations, groceries, doctors, venues, has turned inside out. I am used to traveling from the eastern edge of the city but now travel east or southerly to reach my destinations. So, to avoid mistaken turns, I leave with a route in mind or have used the GPS in my home town to avoid wrong turns; similar to travel in a city in anywhere, USA.

I’m getting it, becoming more comfortable, but still encounter the long range construction projects in midtown, Mt.Hope/West Henrietta, Clinton Ave and so on. How different our city will be when these project are completed. Nothing stays the same and that is good.

Returning home in the NYS Thruway, however is still a bugaboo for me. The antiquate highway does not meet the quality of the many highways we travel during our marathon cross country trips. I have complained to various staff serving the Thruway Authority inquiring as to why exit numbers are old style and do not correspond to mile markers as they do on every other Interstate in the country. And, why are not all of the welcome center to New York State not just that, welcoming? (especially when entering from the west).  The answer was built on lack of funds, the “enormity of the changes and the difficulty for people to change to a new system and other excuses.

A lame answer when we should be encouraging visitors and potential businesses to this state. Now that I am a registered Texan, maybe I am not supposed to care, but I do. There are too many empty buildings and store fronts, too many people still in economic need and our perch over St. Paul St. gives us much evidence of the “class” disparity of our lives in Rochester. I am so glad to have some time in my home town, am pleased and proud of what Rochester has to offer and invite many people from On the Road to visit. Many do so and like what they find. Hey, thanks for listening and I hope all of you are doing what you enjoy.

Ann Carol Goldberg