Leaving Alaska

ALASKA!!! We have departed Alaska for the final time, spending a day in the remote town of  Hyder, AK viewing the bears feeding in Fish Creek. We will miss Alaska, as well as the memorable Yukon Territory, as we continue our way south via beautiful BC and Alberta and into the north central states (Montana, Wyoming, Iowa  and Nebraska,) eastward toward Rochester and home. This amazing trip has been BEYOND EXPECTATIONS.

My blog has been silent for so long.  I have been overwhelmed with emotion and ideas as we traveled the long, bumpy and sometimes terrifying roads of Alaska, seeing many wonders of the world on a daily basis. It has been impossible for me to write without rambling. I will set words down as my concentration settles in once more for anyone who cares to share my thoughts.

As I have declared again and again about the north western reaches of this continent;  the breathtaking scenery, spectacular wildlife, engaging history, startling geography and all that we have learned while doing this dream-trip are unsurpassed only by the Alaskans we have met. It is too much to absorb, too much to crunch into a few paragraphs. the stories will unfold over time.

My best to all, Ann Carol

fireweed on Chilkoot River

IMG_5910IMG_6032 bear feeding on salmon