A dream journey it is

Hi folks.

I have not been writing my blog-message in a minute because, I have been too busy taking it all in; on our journey to Alaska. We have quipped about its being a five year plan in the making, finally putting tire tread to the road in this, our 6th summer.  We are indeed headed for Alaska.  As I write, we are camped in the Toad River Lodge and RV park in the Northern Canadian Rocky

Mountains of British Columbia, following route 97–north of Fort Nelson and south of Muncho Lake. Tomorrow or the day after, we will be in the Yukon.

I never in my life thought I would be in the Yukon; Alaska was more reachable in my mind, and we did enjoy a van tour through Alaska in the late 90’s. The sum of what this trip brings to us is best expressed in describing to you the light in the sky as it changes from minute to minute, mile by mile. This morning we had sun and blue sky with temperatures in the high 60’s. At mid day it was partly sunny as we left Fort Nelson and then pouring rain and in the low 50’s in the mountains.

Sitting, now in the campsite at 8:30 PM it is cool (mid 50’s) with thunder rumbling in the distance. We can see the thunder head hovering over the mountains. The storm has stayed on the other side, we did not feel a drop of rain.  However, the sun is playing changing games with the clouds. The mountain range is awash in pale mist one moment and dark with gray clouds the next. Glorious. It will be light until 10:30 and we are headed towards the land of the “midnight” sun.

The sum of this trip is also expressed in the people we meet; the campground owners, the oil and gas industry workers, the residents of Alaska returning home to Anchorage, Fairbanks, Wasilla and parts more remote after a winter away from the cold and snow, the man named Marl Brown who started the museum in Fort Nelson in 1970, creating a unique and fetching history of the building of the ALASKA HIGHWAY (route 97).  Here he is looking at his old Studebaker, part of a vast collection of cars and other antique items and artifacts, reminders of the Alaska Highway story.

IMG_2663 It is hard to believe that the original road was built in 18 months (of harsh winters and a brutal summer) between 1942-3 after the threat of Pearl Harbor and the need to transport military personal and gear to the north.  More to be said at other times of this remarkable journey.

As we continue up the road, we are prepared with a larder filled with food and supplies, a full gas tank ($$$), mosquito netting and spray, guide books, 2 GPS systems, cameras, batteries, maps, guide books, anticipation, expectations, awe and wonder at the adventures awaiting us. We wish you all a glorious spring and summer and want to keep in touch via email and phone when service allows.

Ann Carol

A photo of children posing in the back of a “Stockade” style sign in the campground at Toad River on the Alaska Highway and the view from the front of the sign.Toad river RV park kids posing in stockade Toad River Lodge sign